Renovation & Repair

According to the 2019 CIBC Home Renovations Poll
49% of Canadians planned to renovate their homes, budgeting $10,000 on average.
98% of Canadians are conducting due diligence (read reviews )to hire a professional before making a purchasing decision.

In North America market (specially US) Homeowners can anticipate wait times averaging 4.3 to 7.4 weeks before a pro can take on their project, the Houzz research team finds. Design-build firms have the longest backlogs, at an average of 7.4 weeks. General contractors and remodelers are not far behind, with an average seven-week wait time.
In Canada, 33%of clients report having trouble finding a contractor to complete a repair, while 50% said they have a problem with a contractor they hired to complete work in their properties. The most common problem homeowners had with their contractors is that the repair job ends up costing more than the initial estimate (11%), followed by concerns about whether a contractor is trustworthy (8%).
The Problem

When issues emerge, available resolutions are often slow and disjointed.

Long waiting time

Time-consuming process

Finding vetted and high-quality service providers

Poor communication of the problem


The Solution

Giving clients an opportunity to have quick access to a database of service providers


Allowing to quickly request a service needed and get an immediate response from the first available service provider(s).

Verifying, assessing, and using rating, reviews, and feedback systems to highlight the most trusted service providers


Using AI assistant to help clients go through the instructions to communicate the problem to the service providers clearly and effectively.

Protecting consumers by gathering data through the AI assistant platform and storing the data for the record, so that in case of any issues it can be accessible for reference.

We could transform the industry by offering a scalable on-demand home repairs and emergency solutions service which connects vetted service providers with clients who require home repairs, renovation or restoration, both urgent and non-urgent. The service would also connect individual service providers and companies for efficient work and increased productivity on collaborative projects.
An integrated platform that matches homeowners with home service and renovation service providers and tracks their projects for emergency repairs.

Benefits for
End Users

1.High-quality, Real-time, Instant Service
Our Service is dedicated to verifying all service providers in our directory, recommending you the best options, and addressing your needs ASAP.

2.Save Time
Don’t waste time on browsing the Internet, searching for reviews, calling service providers, and waiting for days or weeks to get help.

3.Find the Best Price
The system can make recommendations to you depending on the problem and requirements so that you don’t overpay for the qualification of a specialist or work that is not required. The platform also provides a comparative list of service providers to choose from.

Benefits for
Service providers

1.Access to more Clients
Instead of spending time on searching for new leads and spending money on advertising, find clients in one place, get notifications with requests from clients and
select the ones you prefer. Have your services promoted in the app based on the ratings and reviews.

2.Find Additional Workforce
Have direct access to additional source of workforce so that you can meet the emergency needs in case you need assistance (both for business service providers and individual service providers).

3.Flexibility and Maximizing Income
You can choose whether to deliver service based on several criteria like distance, time requested, cost of service and other, schedule, keep control of your schedule and project by our project tracker, and prioritize, to earn more.

AI System